Atelier185 is the brand under wich Clem Vanhee creates unique handforged damascussteel knives.
After finishing his highschool studies in mechanical engineering Clem started a course in blacksmithing at the CVO Ghent.
Under the skilled supervision of Philip Vercammen I learned how to forge, wield and weld hot steel.
Turning the blacksmithing craft more and more into the almost lost art of damascussteel forging and knifemaking.
Now I forge my own patternwelded damascus steel to the highest possible quality.

Clem Vanhee Atelier185

As a mechanical engineer, steel quality, material properties and hardness are very important for me.
Therefore i had my handforged damascussteel investigated and approved by Prof. Coudeville, materialsspecialist of the KU Leuven department Bruges.


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